Prevent Sabotage.
Don’t get taken hostage. your web assets are very important to your business.
Take preventive measures now.


Your website domains are often unsecured, or handled by a third party, leaving you with zero control over your business’s identity online. Unsecure assets lead to sabotage and hefty business losses.

Secure your website and how it communicates with your visitors.

Give your visitors & customers peace of mind when they log into your website. Allow them to purchase, enquire or subscribe to your service with no hesitations.


Cyber Security Issues: Common Problems

Your vendor is holding your domain (website address) and does not want to give back.

When you appoint a vendor to build or manage a website on your behalf, you often don’t realise how much power they have over your web assets. They have the ability to manipulate things in the best of ways, or vice versa.

Take preventive measurements today. Ask us how.

Your technical ex-staff held your domain (website address) under his control.

Someone in the tech team resigned. The only guy. He has all the passwords and control of your office router all the way to your website and emails. He leaves angrily for some reason,
and took your company assets hostage. Are you filing a police report? Good luck with that.

Ask us more to assess your situation or learn about what options you have in this situation.

You don't know how to ask a tech staff to handover properly after his resignation.

You have only one tech staff in office. Why bother hiring another one anyway? He’s resigning. Nobody has enough technical knowledge to secure your assets and keep things in check. The next guy is coming in much later, or haven’t found anyone yet. How can you ensure proper handover?

Ask us for consultation and options on how to overcome this.

Your website gets redirected to another website or random page (web coup d'etat).

Out of nowhere, visiting your website leads you to another web page without your consent. This is one of the most common cyber security sabotage. What’s next?
How do you prevent your visitors from wrongly going to another website?

Ask us for options on how to handle situations like this.

You just realised that you do not have any of your web asset passwords.

Your vendor or tech support guy seems to be managing everything under your network for your business. You do not have the time to get and secure all of the passwords in case of a breach.

Let us know and we will assist you accordingly.

Your website is now down because someone did something you didn't know about.

Your website or some web pages went offline out of a sudden, and you didn’t know about it. Before putting someone on the chopping board, you’d like to investigate what really went wrong, but first you need to fix the problem.

Contact us for more information on how to solve this.

Your domain expired and now your registrar is charging you 10x the original amount.

Many domain registrars do this to pocket more money out of unsuspecting domain owners / businesses. Marketify offers a service that guards your domain from being expired.

Contact us for more information on our Domain Expiry Guard service.

Suddenly, my email is filled with spam emails or suspicious emails.

Very common for non-technical users, spam emails are aplenty. Some incite the strangest of things and some is an outright scam. We tackle thousands of this every day for our clients through automated systems and services.

Contact us to find out more about how you can secure your email inboxes.

You have a sense something is off. But you don't know what is happening.

Sometimes, business owners who are online can think that way. Let us secure your web assets, return the control back to you or investigate if something fishy is really going on.

Contact us for more information on how to solve this.

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